We've won a silver award of the Registered Master Builder House of The Year 2020;

Recognised as a competition of quality for those looking to build;

Excellence in Workmanship, Creativity and Innovation;

The competition is highly regarded by both the industry and potential customers;

These awards are highly prestigious and confirm the Registered Master Builders Association's commitment to building excellence;

Represents an extremely high standard of building.

To experience the quality of an Indelible home, you really need to step into our show home. That's where you'll feel our care and consideration when we build - the beautiful lighting and floors, the top quality fittings, and all those little things you always wanted that make a home more livable.

Visit Indelible Showhome and experience our combined leading master workmanship, architectural design, and the latest smart home technologies to get your wonderful home journey started.

At Indelible Homes, we believe entrance is the power of first impressions, and to create those important first impressions, we have many intelligent, creative and beautiful Indelible designs which our customers like the most. We also build by your own plan, so bring your mindful of ideas and we have lots of experience in helping to turn your best entrance ideas into something that's workable and cost effective.

When you choose Indelible Homes, there are no limits in your lounge creativity. Our professional and friendly staff will make it family-friendly and comfortable by paying attention to details, such as materials and the choice of colors. We'll find out your true feelings before we build: whether you have a preference of a lounge connected with the garden, an open plan living room, or multiple ways: waiting zone, meeting area or cinema, our designs can best meet all your unique needs, and make you feel the most relaxed atmosphere when arriving home.

At Indelible Homes, your kitchen will be beautifully crafted with incredible functions, and the latest technologies. You'll enjoy the stress -free convenience with our highly experienced, qualified team. We believe good kitchen design goes to the heart of how your kitchen fits you, your family, and home.

Our Indelible bedroom ideas will help to make your space a relaxing, comfortable haven. We know that, whether it's where you unwind in the evening, escape to for some peace and quiet, the only space where you can make your mark. At Indelible Homes, we'll make your bedroom color to be calming, both in day light and by lamp light, on trend, space enhancing and practical too. We have everything from brightening white bedroom ideas to elegant grey bedroom ideas. Then there are the very important basics - from storage ideas for bedrooms to bedroom lighting. We cover small bedroom ideas and spare bedroom ideas, such as the feature wall, the textured wallpaper, and the bright statement. You'll love the comfortable styling in your bedroom.

Everyone has their own unique style. At Indelible Homes we have a range to suit your unique tastes, from contemporary to classic, making it easy to create a bathroom that's truly yours. Our bathroom range is made from carefully selected, high quality materials, all backed by rocked warranties. We offer a broad range of styles and designs that are on trend. No matter toilets,showers or taps, baths and vanities, everything just works together.

This is the exciting part, the part where you get to see your dream being created.

1 Site Works
2 Base & Foundations
3 Framing (1-3 Weeks)
4 Close In (3-5 Weeks)
5 Fixing/Interior (3-5 Weeks)
6 Final Fit Off (3-5 Weeks)

Our Project manager maintains regular contact throughout to report on progress.

Indelible Homes, Design & Build, Subdivisions, House land Packages.One of the most trusted and popular Master Builder. They build high-quality houses at very reasonable prices. Their customers often recommend them to their closest friends.

Clonmany Rd Flat Bush
301m2 | 7 bedrooms / 4.5 bathrooms / 2 lounges / 1 double garage
Clonmany Rd Flat Bush
294m2 | 7 bedrooms / 4.5 bathrooms / 2 lounges / 1 double garage
Drumnaconagher Rd Flat bush
235m2 | 6 bedrooms / 4.5 bathrooms / 2 lounges / 1 double garage
Great south Rd Manurewa terraced houses
6 lots / 3 bedrooms / 2.5 bathrooms / 1 lounge / 1 single garage
Haku Rd Flat Bush
285m2 | 5 bedrooms / 3.5 bathrooms / 2 lounges / 1 double garage
Tamure Rd Flat bush
360m2 | 6 bedrooms / 2 lounges / 1 double garage / 4.5 bathrooms
Tir Conaill Ave Flat bush
360m2 | 7 bedrooms / 5.5 bathrooms / 1 lounge / 1 double garage
Francescos Rd Karaka
204m2 | 4 bedrooms / 3.5 bathrooms / 1 lounge / 1 double garage


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